"Comment Anastasia Janka Lax est devenue une héroine de roman..."

I present here the draft comic that I made with Jose Luis Pescador, Mexican artist of great talent. You can read a short story of eight pages, which addresses the themes of history and shows the mood of the book that we wanted to do. The project, which we feel very strongly about, looking for a publisher for the month of November ...
I want to thank Jose have both transcribed in pictures what I wanted for this story deeply romantic, built on the same principle as the text of the ancestral "1001 Nights".

In Hungary in 1922, when General Horthy came to power, Anastasia, a young 18 year old girl hates her aristocrat life and... her father. Totally hopeless, she meets Kako Lixta, gypsy boy, who begs her to help him find his disappeared family. Ana and Kako will leave together on the road for an adventure that never stops, for better or for worse, in Hungary after the war where pogroms rage against gypsies... A travel that will take them to Hollywood! During this long journey, Kako will tell the story of Anastasia's family, and especially the tale of Gabor "the one who married a dead woman..."

Dessins & Couleurs©Jose Luis Pescador
Textes &Scénario© Sybille Titeux de le Croix